Lovebox 1

© ” The Owlhouse Love Box”

Here a photo of The first Owlhouse love box. Custom order and tomorrow it goes to its lovely customer who ordered this Love box as a wedding card. The Owlhouse Love Box ( or tin or card ) is a […]

coming soon

I can see the Finish line

yes i can…..    The site is coming together step by step. There is a lot of proof reading to do. As you know my mother language is not English. But i get there. We had some new items this […]

CU shop 000017 ( 12 by 12) watermarked

Lovely new Designs….

and the first commercial use and catalog templates online. Slowly we are plugging along my friends and fans. The site is coming out great and working on some new features. But more important I am working on all the new […]

A new Look

As most of you have noticed the site is totally renewed. And still lots to do but the “old” content is already back in it. Because we are still expanding we needed to change the site to add all the features […]

New contest. ***The February show some love contest.***

And here is the next contest. ***The February show some love contest.*** . The month February is the moth of love. So we are going to make a love card. . It is a free design. But the card must […]

The Owlhouse Designs: Little treasure tins

And time to show off our little treasure tins too. I just love making these so much. Just don’t have enough tins. I need to eat more peppermints i guess.   I ordered some time ago my decorations by Droxy’s Store ( […]

Its finishedddddd…………….

Finally   its finished!   My family memories book 2014   I worked some time on it, couldn’t make up my mind etc. But after some time i got inspired to do it.   Made with a mixture of own […]

Did not decide yet….

what to do with this design?   Make it a Digital again or a tangible item It is one of the first items that will be sold as a bundle It is called ” Touch of Vintage Spring” A total […]

So what your up too lately?…..

At the moment i am very busy with lots of things   I made new designs and new items like these Little trinket notebooks i called them together with little embellishments. Very cute all Also testing for the workshop that […]

Paper fool

This whole paper making start to get ridiculous.   Its getting out of hand…really!   I was always a big in recycling of everything. I re-use boxes, papers, packing etc. Anything i can. And i used to recycle all my […]