I can see the Finish line

yes i can….. Wink


The site is coming together step by step.

There is a lot of proof reading to do. As you know my mother language is not English. But i get there.

We had some new items this week. And one of them is really becoming a big favorite. People raving about it and i expect already 5 cards back made out of this sheets.

Look at this designs

00372-Overview template

00372-Overview template









And very fast…and i mean in FAST the first cards were posted by the Owlhouse cardmakers team




00372 Sylvia

00373 Annie




























So that was only from today. And i know some more on the way, unbelievable


Than we had the fairy that was jumped on.

00371 sylvia kaart 2 00371 Sylvia Scharp00371-Overview template















And super proud that this lovely dovey is going to a craft show in Toronto











Is this not a lovely little treasure tin? Made by Droxy of www.fleabids.com (were i buy a lot of my supplies again)

That makes me feel good and happy

Than i did for the craft show here the new birthday calendar

00370-Overview template










I printed them out on stock paper and going to decorate them a bit.

Next to all these good thing i am still hunting for my new printer. So i can take custom orders for the Sheets…yes Marjolein they will come ;) I know your waiting to order.


But best thing happened today. I finished all these pages at the site for my new vendors…yes you read it good. The Owlhouse designs is getting new vendors

5 already signed up and we are working at getting everybody settled. I am so happy to see them jumping around of excitement. My developer of 5fhosting is working hard to get it all done in time.

I am very  proud and thankful with people from www.f5hosting.com who are always guiding, helping and supporting me in everything i do. The silly mistakes get whipped away by them,…….and fixed. New features brought to my attention with advice what to do with them or what i can do with them. Their Security is faster than any heartbleed bug. And when they even think the site is running just a 1 second slower than normal they chase every code on the server to see what happened and make the site even faster than before.


You can read everything about the vendor application over here.

Vendor application form

and here

Vendor pricing levels


Now this is all a lot and i just love how it all comes together

A few more things to do….but i can see the finish line



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